Saturday, December 2, 2017

Speaking In Public - How Not To Be Nervous

I recently did a little bit of public speaking and I noticed I am getting better at it. I am not a pro. Yet. But it was a lot worse couple years ago. I have been doing some things to help me improve.

1. Drink (no, I am not talking about alkohol)

I hated when I had mouth so dry that I couldn't speak when I was nervous. Little bit of water can help you with that. Also cold water can calm you down a little.

2. Use chopstick

Just like drinking, it will help you speak. Speaking with dry lips is so hard.

3. Workout before

It will calm you down. And if you can't workout in the morning before your speach, you can at least walk a little or strech.

4. Stop with coffein for the day

I usually drink so much coffee until my hands are shaking. But that is not what you want when you have to speak in public.

5. Mantras
Just say to yourself "I will be amazing" or "nobody cares enough to judge me", and you will eventualy start to belive it.

6. Make sure that you know what you're talking about

Be prepared for a questions, so you don't have to worry about that.

7. Try to look your best self

Just make sure you have nothing between your teeth, wear something that you're comfortable and attractive in, don't experiment with your makeup too much.

8. Have a pen in hand
You can play with it and it will relase your nervosity.

Hope this helped you! Have a great day.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gift Ideas For A Fashion Lover

I am a fashion lover. And I would love to get fashion gifts, but I usually don't like clothes that someone else picked me because I just have to try everything on before I buy it. So there are some things, that you can buy to a fashion lover and you don't have to worry about the fit. It is enough if you just know their style a little.

Such a timeless accessory. Everyone loves them and everyone needs at least one of them. You can find variety of styles in different price ranges.

I have the Aliexpress white and they are a great quality for just  $2! Also I love Gucci ones, don't you?

1. Aliexpress white -  $2.19
2. Aliexpress black - $2.12
3. Cluse black - €99,95
4. Cluse pink - €89,95
5. Gucci - €1.690

Yeah, socks for Christmas, what a earthbreaking idea. But socks can be a great accessory. Especially some statement socks.

1. Aliexpress - $3.43
2. Tommy Hilfiger - £12.99
3. Gucci - $ 100

Parfums & Makeup
I know that parfums and makeup are not fashion. But parfums and makeup from a Chanel or Gucci can make your fashion lover very very happy. I mean look at the Gucci Bloom box.
1. Chanel nailpolish - $28
2. Chanel parfume - $75
3. Gucci parfume - $124
4. YSL lipstick - $37

Eveone loves getting jewellery. It is the same as with watches.

1. Aliexpress ring - $3.49
2. Claire's necklace - $9.99 + Buy one get one free!
3. Tiffany bracelet - $225
4. Gucci earings - AVAILABLE IN 1-2 WEEKS
5. Cartier rings - $2,570

Books about theire favorite designer. Fashion lovers love their designers. And that book usually look pretty great desplayed on coffee tables. So book and home decor all in one!

1. Gucci - $80
2. Chanel - $17
3. Dolce & Gabbana - $144

Well, I hope this helped you. Have a great day everyone.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

How To Fake It Till You Make It

Confidence is a key to being happy and I am a strong believer in "fake it till you make it" method when it comes to confidence. Here are some tips how to convince anyone (and eventually even yourself), that you are confident.

Accept compliments 
Don't deny them, even when you think it's not true. Just say thanks.

Talk louder
You don't have to shout, just talk loud enought so everyone can understand you.

Trust me, it is the best thing in the world. It will make you look more confident, more attractive, healthier and you will automatically be more happy.

Say no, when you just dont want to
I know it can be harder than it seems. But keep reminding youself and you will eventually learn how to say no.

Good Posture
Your posture is the first thing people will notice. And first impression is everything in faking being confident.

Look into people's eyes
You don't have to stare at them. Just when you are talking to someone, make sure you look in their eyes.

Be nice to everyone
Give compliments & help if you can help. Yo will feel so much better about yourself.

Don't apologise for everything 
When it is not your mistake, you don't have to apologize. When it is someone else's problem, you don't have to apologize.

Don't judge others & don't compare yourself 
You don't have the need to critize others or compare anyone to you, if you are a confident person. Remember that.

Wear something really nice
Something that you are comfortable in, but also something, that will look really great on you and maybe something that will stand out a little.

Hope this helped you. Have a great day people.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

2 Dolars Ebay Magnetic Lashes

I saw all these youtubers talk about One Two Magnetic lashes and I loved it. Well I did not love the price so much. My lashes are so short and I hate taking off my mascara so these could be amazing for me. And because I am always for finding cheaper stuff I decided to look for alternatives.

It looks pretty natural from the front.

The cheapest I found were these Ebay ones. Shipping took three weeks. They came in little plastic box, everything was ok. Some people that reviewed these lashes, wrote that the magnets fell of as soon as they took them out of the little box but that did not happened with mine. (Well, not yet.)

After & Before

I had a hard time putting them on at first but after a couple tries, it is super easy.

Front & Side

So the lashes look pretty natural at first sight, but when you look closer, you can see the magnets. Especially when you look down or when the light is reflected on them. You could try to repaint the magnetes with something matt and wear the lashes with eyeliner. Also the lash is not really following my natural lashline all the way. So they look pretty good, when you are looking from the front, but that is it.

You can see the magnet.

I wore them one night and they stayed on pretty well. But I don't know if I will wear them again. At least until I find out how to cover up the magnet. Maybe  the One Two Lash ones will be better, but still do not know if I wanna spend that much on lashes that may not work so well.
But if you want lashes just for photos & videos these will be great for you.

Have a great day everyone.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

How To Be More Attractive Without Makeup

I don't usually wear makeup on week days, when I go to school. I know that some people (girls usually) can be anxious to leave their homes without makeup. And that is so sad to me. So I will share with you couple tricks & tips how to look and feel beautiful, without makeup.

1. Smile
This is first tip, because it is the most important one. People that are happy look so much more atractive. Happy people make other people happy so everyone want to be near them. Smile, and you will look beautiful and have more friends. Win win.

2. Moisturise
Glowy face makes you look healthy and awake. Also you shouldn't forget about moisturising you lips with chopstick. And your whole body with some body milk.

3. Take care of your skin, hair, teeth, and nails.
Rinse your face with water every morning and night. Make a cocnut oil mask every week on your hair. Brush and floss your teeth everyday. And just do not have dirt under you nails.

I am nicer when I like my outfit.

4. Smell nice
I love people that smell good, don't you?

5. Outfit
I like to have at least makeup or hair or outfit on point. One of that is enough. And for me it is almost always outfit, because it takes less time then the other two and I enjoy it the most.

6. Sleep well
Some people don't need much sleep but I just have to have at least 7 hours of sleep to feel good the next day. So just listen to your body. How much hours of sleep do you need to feel awake all day?

7. Workout & Eat healthy
I just had to mention it. You all know what healthy lifestyle do to your body.

8. Be (or just try to look) confident
Good posture, looking into peoples eyes and just feeling good in your own skin makes you look so much better, than being anxious about yourself.

9. Just be nice to people
You know how somebody is so attractive becouse you just like them? Same thing applays on you. When people will like you, they will find you more atractive.

10. Don't be on your phone all the time.
I find staring at your phone all the time so inattractive. Try to read a book instead of scrolling through you insta feed when you are waiting for a bus. Or just stalk other people who are waiting with you.

Hope this tips will help you to be and to feel more attractive. Have a good day everyone!

Monday, October 9, 2017

First Week Of Using To Do Lists

If you ever read something about "How to be more productive" you definitely heard about ToDoLists. Every blogger/youtuber is doing ToDoLists. But does it actually do something?
I was always too lazy to even try to write a ToDoList and couldn't imagine to write it everyday. I always thought that insted of writing it I should actually do something productive.

Well now for the first time in my life I will write my first ToDoList. And I will write them all week to actually find out if it is working.

Soo let's be more productive and start with day one!
I wrote my tasks for today on sunday evening. I added couple more points in the morning. When I came home from school I gave myself like an hour to relax & procrastinate and than I started. Now I am doing my last task. I think that without my list I would do 3-4 tasks less. Just because thay weren't so necessary. It was easy and now I will have about an hour to procrastinate with lovely feeling that everything is done. Day one was definitely a success.

Day two was basically the same. I wrote my tasks in the evening and did everything when I came home from school.

But on day three, things started to change. I did not have time to do all my tasks, then I started to write ToDoLists in the morning, not in the evening. I just wasn't so excited anymore.

After a week I think that it just isn't working for me. Things I have to do are changing all the time. I feel like writing ToDoLists takes too much time and I don't wanna always rewrite them. I never know how much time will each task take so I never know how much tasks I should write. But I have to say I was more productive. At least for first couple days. So I believe that it works for some people. Just not for me.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Aliexpress Chanel Boy Inspired Bag

As part of my minimalism journey I decided to post about all things I will buy. And couple days ago I got the most beautiful bag I have ever had.

It is kinda chanel boy bag dupe except the Cs, wich are full circles. I just love boy bag, I had to have it. Of course that I would rather buy real chanel, but that is not something I can afford (yet). But even when I knew I want to buy a dupe I didn't want to invest my money in poor quality bag, that will fall apart in couple months. So I was thinking about buying a Rebecca Mincoff love bag. It is designer bag, real leather, good quality and it is so similar to boy bag. But it is still a little bit too expencive. So when I found a real leather & good reviews bag for so much cheaper, I was thriled.

The bag cost 37 dolars (medium version without walet), shipping took around three weeks and the quality is excelent.
Just the material inside the bag is not the best but I do not really care and nobody else will see it.

You can get your aliexpress bag here!

It come in three sizes, four colors, with or without walet. (I got the medium in black with walet.) Shoulder strap is adjustable wich is amazing for little humans like me. I will do a full review in couple months of using.

So many ways to wear!

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